Why on Earth Are the Property Brothers Shooting Hoops With Stephen Curry?

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Property Brothers Brother vs. Brother


When “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott decided to stage the latest season of their “Brother vs. Brother” spinoff in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was probably beyond their wildest dreams to envision shooting hoops with Golden State Warriors megastar Stephen Curry.

But that’s exactly where they find themselves in the latest episode, titled “Slam Dunk Bonus Spaces,” in which they find cool, new uses for bonus rooms in their respective homes. Whoever scores the most points with the judge—renovation specialist Egypt Sherrod of HGTV’s “Property Virgins”—gets to hit the court with Curry, while the loser has to play ball boy and fetch them towels and snacks.

This could be their most cutthroat competition yet!

As Jonathan and Drew try their hardest to outdo each other, they come up with some great tips and tricks for making the best use of bonus rooms ever. Let them serve as inspiration for how to make the most of your own home’s extra spaces.

Property Brothers Brother vs. Brother
Drew Scott hits rock bottom when he attempts to sink the floor.


How to ease mortgage expenses and raise property value

There’s a small bedroom off the garage of Drew’s house, so he decides to expand it and create a studio apartment in its place, complete with a separate entrance. Drew explains that you can offset mortgage payments with the rental income a studio apartment would bring in. It’s a wildly popular option in the Bay Area right now, where there’s a big housing shortage, and rents and home prices are sky-high.

Can’t raise the roof? Lower the floor

The only problem is, the ceiling in this bedroom is way too low to be comfortable. Drew intends to raise the ceiling, but realizes he can’t. So instead, he digs down below the foundation to lower the floor. As you can imagine, this is a tremendous expense, not to mention a time-sucking hassle.

But he’s sure it will be worth it if it will add value to the house, and also win him a court date with Curry.

Property Brothers Brother vs. Brother
Drew added an entire studio apartment under his house.


Get several bids

Drew discovers that the lowered floor has caused sewer pipe issues, and one plumbing specialist tells him he’ll have to pull permits from the city and dig through the yard out into the street to connect the home and city sewer lines. He reluctantly prepares to cough up the extra cash when his contractor tells him that another expert has taken a look, and they’ve discovered that burrowing out into the street will not be necessary.

Whew! That may just save the game for him.

Use full-size appliances in a rental unit

“You want anyone renting to feel like they’re in a very comfortable space,” says Drew as he shops for appliances. “You don’t want small appliances. That’s not comfortable living.”

With that, he buys a full-size stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, so the eventual renter will not feel diminished. Nice.

A laundry room adds value

Meanwhile, Jonathan is working away on his own home. He finds so much space under the house in what used to be a dark storage “dungeon” with a dirt floor, he decides he has room for an extra bedroom, as well as a complete laundry room!

Sherrod is impressed. She notes it’s very important to buyers these days to have an actual room where they can do their laundry, and not just have a washer and dryer in a closet.

Get used cabinets to save money

Jonathan opts to take the laundry room a step further and go for gorgeous.

“I did not want this to be a boring, bland place to wash your socks,” he says. “I wanted it to be bold and beautiful, so I went with teal cabinets, and now this is a gorgeous laundry room.”

And here’s the savvy little secret behind those colored cabinets: They’re used! Jonathan saved thousands by buying them secondhand from the local Habitat for Humanities store in Oakland.

He explains that builders donate new cabinets that don’t fit, or old cabinets that are in good shape when they’re removed. He just has to find the right size and style for his laundry room, and he doesn’t have to worry about them all being the same color, because he’s going to paint them anyway.

“I’ll spray them out, finish them with trim, and they’ll still look like they’re custom, but in reality they’ll save me a bunch,” he says.

Stage an extra bedroom as a game room

Including the addition of the bedroom by the laundry room, Jonathan’s house now has five bedrooms. Rather than staging all five with beds, he stages the new bedroom as a game/media room, where family members can envision themselves eating popcorn and watching movies. This makes the home feel as if it has more family space.

Money saving eco-chic advice

“Eco chic is not only my design plan for this house, but [also] my construction philosophy,” says Jonathan as he plans his additions. He fully insulates the ceilings and walls, and also adds double-pane windows and a tankless water heater to reduce heating and energy costs.

Property Brothers Brother vs. Brother
Jonathan Drew’s loft bedroom with acoustic wall tiles made of bamboo.


3D wall panels add interest and dimension

Jonathan comes up with an outrageously cool, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way to create an accent wall: He uses unique “3D wall panels” made of bamboo fiber. Applied with contact cement and painted, they also have acoustic qualities, making the room soundproof and cutting down on the noise from the hardwood floor.

So which brother wins the Curry challenge?

Sherrod loves the additions of the game room and laundry room in Jonathan’s home, but they can’t beat Drew’s ability to “create something out of nothing” by adding an entire independent studio apartment.

So Drew wins his third challenge, and off the bros go to play basketball with Curry. While the two-time MVP is impressed by the lanky brothers’ skills (even though Jonathan is mostly fetching balls), it’s quite clear he thinks they shouldn’t quit their day jobs.

And that’s OK with them. Even if they’re not living their own hoop dreams, they’re making dream homes available to others.

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